Monday, 9 January 2017

A Real, Genuine Celine for just £99?!

You may have noticed a trend forming of late that hangs off the arm of many a stylish blogger and costs a month's pay check for the average Joe. An accessory some save months on end for and other's may only ever dream of owning. Yet designer handbags seem to be flooding our Instagram feed's as often as cups of coffee, leaving many to question "how relatable are blogger's nowaday's?".

Well that all depends on who you want to relate to?

If it's hardworking, self-driven business women, passionate about their career's and financially able to reward themselves, then I'll be the first to say I'd like to relate! We shouldn't feel ashamed to want nice things, treat ourselves and be deserving of things of grandeur that we have earned and frankly worked damn hard for whether that's through blogging or working in retail! You put those hour's in girl, you do you!

From the outside looking in the blogging world can seem glorified, easy, lucky.. and maybe for some it is but I know there's a lot of really hard working blogger's out there who are no different to any other freelance writer or creator earning their living, so should they not own nice things in the regret of becoming un-relatable?

Blogging came about as the side to fashion that the every day girl could understand, see themselves in, and attain the lifestyle. As much as Instagram has aided in making life look a little more glossy, less attainable and more aspirational the moral's have not changed. Everyone can benefit from aspiring to not necessarily "own a Chanel" but work hard, achieve more, maybe save and treat yourself, and get what YOU want out of life because YOU deserve it!

And maybe you're still sitting there thinking "Yes thanks for the pep talk Vic but I can just about afford to 'treat' myself to a Starbuck's caramel latte a day". Well, then I put this question to you - would you rather be wearing your hard earned cash on your arm or your belly?

£3.95 x 25 = £98.75 = A REAL, GENUINE CELINE BAG!!! I kid you not!

For those who only dream of indulging in luxury, you too can have yourself a piece of the pie (let's not make distasteful meat puns here). Uncloset are making the idea of owning a designer handbag possible from just £149 a month. And not only that, but have a new bag every month with a simple swap! So if like me you move with the trends or can get bored easily, investing in one bag is even more daunting however investing in many, seem's well, practical!

And if that wasn't already a draw-dropping deal, your introductory month is just £99 if you sign up to Uncloset this January with my code BYVICLAUREN that'll get you an extra £50 off your first month and then £20 off of your second. See I told you I wasn't kidding! So Basically you could really be strutting to work with your very own Celine in hand instead of that coffee in a cup to go. YOU deserve it!

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