Monday, 27 June 2016

ZSL London Zoo Sunset Safari feat. Original Mineral Sea Salt Spray

This Summer The London Zoo has opened it's doors after hours to give us animal loving public the chance to experience it's wildlife once the suns gone down. Friyay drinks are old news! Spend your evening monkeying around for real at the Sunset Safari. And I'm not suggesting going T-total, there's cocktails available as well as a selection of food stalls offering all the faves from Pulled pork to Lobster, Caribbean and fish and chips. Not forgetting the all important desserts, candy floss anyone?

If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your night out / date night / family fun then I'd definitely recommend the ZSL Sunset Safari. I was surprised just how much I did enjoy it! Salt spray in my hair, with not a care in the world as I found my inner child sporting pink zebra face paint by the talented ladies at the zoo. I have no shame! In keeping with all things wild, this sea salt spray was kindly gifted to me by Original Minerals to allow me to keep my hair as natural as possible, as due to all the over-bleaching my hair needs to stay away from heated tools when it can. So I'm always on the look out for a good beach-babe wave enhancer and this ticks all the boxes. Isn't sticky or drying and smells a dream (probably a factor to why I got attacked by tons of bugs that eve!)..

The Sunset Safari is a truly magical experience, lazing around in the many deck chair and bean bag zones whilst some familiar animal performers entertain the crowd, young and old. There's something for everyone with Live artists and comedians stepping to the stage. And we haven't even got to the wildlife yet; which of course never fails to amaze, there's something so interesting and bewildering about the animal kingdom and witnessing them at dusk just adds to their mystery.
ZSL London Zoo
Regent's Park

Nearest Tube:
Camden Town

Opening Times:
Friday 6pm-10pm

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