Tuesday, 29 March 2016

8 Tips On How To Stay On Top Of The New Instagram Algorithm Feed Update

You know how the old saying goes "If it ain't broke why fix it". Well when Instagram warned us it would be changing our chronological order feed to that similar to Facebooks' prioritised posts, I was ready to boycott. I don't know about you but I don't particularly like being told what I apparently 'want' to see and as a blogger and someone working in Influencer Marketing the platform is a place of work for me that growth is a huge factor of.
On the other hand my feed is becoming cluttered and I'm often left feeling uninspired 30 photos deep these days so after one too many 'turn me on' alerts I've calmed down and am ready to embrace the change with a new strategy to staying on top of the Instagram Algorithm feed.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket - Mango
Breton Stripe Tee - Asos
Breton Stripe Jumper - h&m
Blush Pink Cigarette Trousers - Closet London*
Puma Trainers - Asos
Bag - Chanel le boy
Beanie hat - Asos
Sunglasses - Rayban


It's time to start making the social platform a little more, well, social! No more hiding behind that whiter than white theme. If someone pays you a compliment in passing or asked you a question in conversation you wouldn't ignore them (I'd hope) in person so commenting, replying and liking your followers and those that you follows' content is all part and parcel of what makes the community fun and a great way to network and share with like-minded creatives.


A great photo alone is no longer enough to keep people interested. We need to be sold on you, and often that's through a caption. My favourite accounts not only have beautiful imagery but I can connect with the user through their captions be them humour, advice or relatability. Having a personality distinguishes you from the crowd of filters. Which moves me on to my next point....

Make a difference

There's thousands of profiles out there that are probably one and the same as yours, so what makes you different? what makes your Instagram stand out? Maybe theres a hobby you have, a lifestyle you lead, or an adorable furry friend that nobody could turn a blind eye to? If not I find your opinions will always be unique to you so get reviewing the products you love, one more opinion is never too many.


Ok this one I myself need to adhere to! As with all social platforms, consistency is key to growing a following. If people know you update regularly they'll never be starved of new content and will continue to return for more. Knowing when to post is also a key factor in beating the algorithm, so start to judge the time of day your users are most active by the number of likes an image has received at that time. Usually its the commute to and from work, lunch-times and evenings around 8pm onwards. So if you are on the ball, have an image prepared for those times and you'll be posting frequently enough to get some attention. But if you can only manage one good quality image a day I would suggest alternating between morning commute and evening posts to ensure you're covering peak times.

Quality control

Quality not quantity will drive engagement going forward. Those who post image after image in an attempt to beggain for attention will find themselves at the bottom of the algorithm whilst those posting clear and striking photography will reap the rewards. Get in the habit of collecting back-up quality content so you never miss an opportunity to post if the lighting is terrible one day (or pretty much every day if you live in the UK!)


Study the hashtags most used and familiar to your community to learn which ones perform the best and could aid you in both discovering and gaining a new audience. Search out the brands' you're promotings' unique hashtags where appropriate such as #asseenonme for Asos #TopshopStyle #BabesofMisguided #pdbae for Public Desire etc. Also if any trending hashtags are relevant to something you post be sure to utilise them wherever possible without spamming of course because that won't help you stay on top of the algorithm. Try to incorporate the hashtags into the context of your image so you use them more organically instead of just #tagging#your#entire#life#away and #begging#for#followers


Noticed how video posts now have a 'views' in place of the usual 'likes' count? well that could be the way forward for analysing reach. Video seems set to lead the way for 2016 with Snapchat and Youtube proving winning platforms for social engagement and fast growing audiences. That unfiltered approach to documenting life could be a welcomed crossover into Instagram. And with their recent launch of the Boomerang app it's now accessible to everyone to create moving imagery.


Those Tumblr/Pinterest worthy images of clouds, plants and anything else frankly random AF that are used to fill spaces between relevant content to make a theme look more 'pretty' will be a thing of the past, they lack in engagement and clog up our feeds! But hey if you like clouds, and your followers like clouds, that'll still work for them.

Before you panic and turn on all your 1000+ notifications, Instagram hasn't set a date for when the switch over to the algorithm feed will actually happen. But in the meantime it's good to put this strategy in to practise anyway because engaging with your audience that chose to follow is always going to be beneficial for everyone involved whether you like the update or not.
What's your opinion?

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