Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Outfit | London Fashion Week Day Two

I regret I wasn't able to get my LFW outfit from day one shot however it's over on my instagram 'here' if you'd like to take a peek! Today I'm bringing you my Utility inspired look from day two. Military this season isn't about the obvious, it's nodding to uniform in my favourite kind of way clean and effortless, no heavy duty armour necessary!

Bomber Jacket // H&M Trend
Shirt // Zara
Dungarees // Missguided
Sunglasses // Asos
Hair cuff // H&M
Watch // Daniel Wellington*
Cuff // Mango
Heels // New Look
Bag // Mulberry
Lip // Mac Chilli

Ph. Ella H Photography

Dungarees have reared their child-fit head again and I've been on the hunt for a pair that don't make me look 23 going on 12, a scenario I struggle with on a daily basis being 'blessed' with a baby-face! I figured going more tailored with a structured fabric and in classic black would give me more sophistication and here's hoping, maturity? But I do love the laid-back vibe a denim dungaree gives. If you're in a similar predicament I've rounded up the best in Overalls 'here'.

Peached fabrics are another thing I'm loving this season, they give a softer luxe finish to some of the more autumnal colours we're still seeing for Spring. I originally got this khaki shirt last year from Zara after being drawn to the 'touch me' texture and I'm already seeing a wide range hitting the highstreet in dreamy Spring shades - shop Missguided below:

P.S // You can get 15% off a Daniel Wellington Watch with code 'afluenza' until the 13th March!



  1. Great look! I love it! :)


  2. London looks magical! I love your blog!


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