Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Outfit | Lilac & Gingham

Lilac is a colour that suits my skin tone, much like pink and luckily both are key colours for Spring Summer'15 even though I don't immediately gravitate towards them in fear of looking too girly, is that odd?! I think as a child you wear so much of these bright and feminine colours that some of us tend to rebel as we get to an age where we can start making our own choices about our style. However, as a Stylist and the many colour analysis' I have carried out I know (as some of you probably do too), which shades perk up my complexion and those that wash me out! So trends aside we all want to look our best and so If that key item comes in alternative colours maybe think about trying a few and it'll just be a bonus if it so happens to be in this seasons palette.

Coat // Glamorous*
Jumper // Primark
Shirt // H&M Mens
Trousers // Glamorous*
Boots // Missguided*
Bag // Primark
Watch // Daniel Wellington*

Gingham was a print I was surprised to see relived once again on some of the SS15 Catwalks, a second year on the trot! However I'm not complaining because I can get my wears out of these Glamorous skinny trousers I got last year and give them a new lease of life styled alongside pastels channeling Oscar De La Renta.

Recently I have been really favouring a skinny silhouette on bottom with oversized pieces up top, think Olsen! As much as I love all the wide leg 70's inspired trousers around at the moment this really suits my body shape more and accentuates my best bits whilst disguising my ahem not so blossoming areas which is all the more important when dressing for confidence I find. I surprisingly got the perfect fit for an oversized shirt from H&M menswear as its a little longer in length that way and as its fitted it is still slim-line and not ill-fitting on the arm seams (like stealing your boyfriends shirt minus the drama). It's always a good idea to try things on in a number of sizes within each brand as I always find things can look so different slightly bigger or smaller than you would usually assume to go for your 'general' sizing. Although I know this can be particularly tricky when in a rush or shopping online, however I've been using this new app recently that may just be the answer to our "one size doesn't actually fit all' dilemma".

If you have a similar figure to me or want to find your body double to make life easier when shopping each of your favourite brands, Fitbay allows you to easily set up a profile with your measurements and follow other users with similar body types to you ranked on percentage. Once matched up you can see how other people have bought, styled and uploaded items for you to see the fit on them before you even need to take it to check out, saving all the hassle of having to buy in multiple sizes to then lug back to the post office for return (we've all been there!). You can follow me @veeveevogue and see what items are on my want list from my favourite brands and the outfits I've recently uploaded for your guidance. Get involved ladies!

Get the look and remember you can get 15% discount on Daniel Wellington Watches using the code 'afluenza' (valid until 13.03.15)



  1. Such a cute outfit. Love the trousers

    Jenn from jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Lovely outfit ^^


  3. You absolute beautiful human being!!! x

  4. I just commented on your newest post and this is another amazing coat! It's quite beautiful the way you paired it with that knit :)

    _kj | MEOWMEOW


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