Friday, 27 February 2015

5 Fashion Faux Pas even Madonna wouldn't fall for

// Head to toe looks \\

As chic as the mannequin may look, style should enhance on your personality so unless you want to model yourself on a plastic doll, best to leave it in the window!

// Copy Cat \\

We all have that someone who's individual style we admire, and where there is nothing wrong with being inspired by it there is when mimicking! What suits them may not suit you, have confidence in your taste and take elements of an outfit to apply to your own measurements to ensure it's unique to you. I have no admiration to live in a world resembling The Island! Be yourself, keep it personal!

* exception applies when 'twinning' with BFF (Best fashion friend)

// Lamb dressed as Mutton \\

Equally as awkward as 'Mutton dressed as Lamb' - "Granny Chic" is just a term turned cool by students who spent their weekend rummaging through the Oxfam bins after spending all their loan on £1.50 Jagerbombs! Vintage Chanel hand-me-downs from your Nan is one thing, someone else's nans' M&S isn't.

// Baby Giraffe Syndrome \\

There's no denying the right heels have many advantages such as adding height to us shorties, elongating the body and improving poor posture. But there's nothing sexy about a girl trotting down the highstreet knee over foot in heels too high. Most of us learnt to walk at a young age, why quit now?

// Second skin \\

Skin colour tights.. specially when worn with open toe shoes, No! If you want to show skin then bare it.. if it's too cold wear trousers! Nobody wants to be subjected to someones' toes as they undergo a masked robbery on their shoes.

N.B If for some mad reason any of these become future trends then of course, I take it all back!

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