Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Outfit | Laidback Luxe

Beanie hat // Asos
Faux Fur jacket // Primark
Drop hem tshirt // Primark
Leather joggers // Zara
Bucket bag // Select
Brogues // Missguided

Every so often I feel the urge to channel my inner urban gurl, get back to my err.. roots? I guess I can thank growing up in east London for that and of course my love of hip hop, listening to the likes of LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, and Lauryn Hill must have rubbed off on me more than just my killer dance moves.. hmmm!
The freedom to experiment with outfits and personnas is what can make fashion so interesting and expressive. As long as I'm still sticking to my style of laidback luxe (two parts effortless, one part elegance) I'm comfortable exploring trends, because after all you should be able to develop and adapt your style to find what suits you best. And if you can't experiment in your twenties when can you?!

Get the look:


  1. Gorgeous outfit, you look awesome!



  2. Really love this outfit. I find it such a difficult look to try but it clearly comes natural to you!
    charliedistracted.com / Bloglovin

    1. No I agree it is a more difficult one because it requires confidence, something I too struggle with but when it comes to fashion I feel my most comfortable so I just think F**k it, I'll probably look back and think "what on earth was I wearing" but it'll give me something to laugh about and I'd rather try and fail than not try at all.. So I say GO FOR IT GURL!! Haha don't know why this reply suddenly became like a motivational talk, but yeh I say lets get out our comfort zones and have fun with it :) x


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