Friday, 4 April 2014

Outfit | Blanc Canvas

Linen Shirt // H&M Mens.
White Jeans // Zara.
Vintage Levi's Jacket.
Bag // Zara.
Heels // Zara.
Watch // Kenneth Cole.
Midi rings // H&M.
There's something about white that screams Spring.. And leaves me screaming at suspect spill-ers with the intentions of adding some colour to my all white outfit! Something I had narrowly avoided until coming in to contact with a Mcdonalds a few days ago. Lets just say me and Ketchup are not the best of friends. See my Twiiter for details and a good laugh at my expense!

So whilst my white jeans are soaking in cold water, lets talk white shirts.
I'd been on the hunt for that perfect 'Men's fit, feminine fabric, can dress up or dress down, just stepped off the Wang runway' style of shirt. Are you still with me?
It was a huge ask I know, so of course when I couldn't find an exact match (on a highstreet budget), I did what any other desperate blogger would do and bought two! The first being this linen H&M mens shirt. It ticks most of the boxes, surprisingly its Men's fit.. has that effortless 'I'll be waiting on my Yacht' look but is lacking the luxury feminine touch. Fortunately I'm a girl, so there needn't be any mistake there.


  1. All white is so chic <3 love this look xx

  2. This is so perfectly simple! Gorgeous xo

  3. Beautiful outfit!

    Shelf and Closet ♥

  4. Love your outfit, it is casual but also very elegant :) Your style is amazing!


  5. love this post and your blog in general! so unique. i would love it if you looked at mine, its all about lifestyle, fashion and trends!
    have a lovely day. xo

  6. Would you recommend buying the bag? Im debating on buying the nude or black zara bag. Any info will be helpful. Thanks :)

    1. If only we could have both ay?!! Black is classic so will take you through the seasons and won't become as obviously dirty, plus I love the patent insert detail! However the nude is a great addition for your spring summer waredrobe, I love mine! I would say if you already have a staple black bag in your waredrobe go for the nude

  7. Thank you for your help! I have a staple black bag so I went for the Nude zara bag. I live in Hawaii so it's pretty much Summer year round. I plan on using the tote when I travel since it seems like a decent aiplane carry on bag. Love your blog! ��

  8. Love this look :) The Levi's jacket is gorgeous x

    Rose x


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