Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Diary Day #4

happy 21st birthday VeeVee
*Photo from my 21st Night out celebrations- London

I turned 21 on the 30th of April but I hadn't had a chance to let you guys know until now! Go me, a fully fledged adult (ha! right). I celebrated by jetting off to Spain to visit my Uni friends who are on placement over there; photo diary to follow soon. Then had a lovely meal and mojitos on the day at one of my favourite buffet restaurants 'Cosmo', with some of my Fashion Course mates. And finally, had a night out on the tiles with the girls back home the following Sunday.. So I can definitely say I celebrated 'getting old' in style!

Since all the fun though its been non-stop Uni work as I have a deadline this Thursday!! I can't wait to be a free woman.. Ibiza is only 6 weeks away :D and then I start the 9-5 in July, of which I also found out Friday I may get the position of 'Head of Trends', Summer is looking up!

If you would like to give me an extra special Birthday gift, I'd love it if you could help me out and click some of these links:

1) Its that time of year again that the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards are back, I have never taken part in Blog Awards before so I'd really appreciate it if any of you love my blog enough to want to nominate it HERE under 'Established Fashion Blogger' - I wouldn't say I'm quite 'established' but I guess thats the one that best fits :) Thank you if you vote!

2) I have finally got around to creating a Facebook Page that links up all my links as it were - Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, this Blog etc. So now you can 'Like' that HERE if you want an easier alternative to knowing what I've updated and when, all in one handy place!(because we all know I'm a little scattered).

3) If you havent done so already PLEASE follow Afluenza on BlogLovin. I'm sorting out a new domain address and I know peoples GFC are sometimes removed when sites leave Blogger/Blogspot. So if you want to stay following this blog, BlogLovin is the place to do it :)

Thank you so so much if you took the time to share the Afluenza love, you guys really do make me smile



  1. Happy Birthday! Mine is soon too! So exciting... yet so so daunting being a proper adult! You have to show us what you got!

    1. Happy Birhtday for whenever your big day is :) its daunting but satisfying at the same time ha! I got money so there isnt much to show unless you would like me to 'flash zee cash' haha ;p

  2. Sounds like you had a great 21st! x


  3. Happy Birthday (even if it's a little late) and sound like you had a really good time :) xx

  4. Hey, firstly happy birthday. Secondly, your blog is awesome I love how you capture fashion style and snippets of culture, it makes for a great read. Plus you have the most amazing cheek bones, well jel :)

    peek at me

    1. ahh thanks so much, Im glad you said this because thats exactly what I want to offer.. like a scrapbook :) spose the cheekbones can be the added bonus ;) hehe

  5. Happy belated bday, hope you had an amazing day!

  6. Happy birthday, you look pretty! xx


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