Friday, 20 April 2012

Venice: Diary Day #3

Venice day 3 cat
venice day 3 fish market
venice day 3 fish market 2
venice day 3 fish market 3
venice day 3 fish market stalls
venice day 3 sunrise
venice day 3 morning canal
venice day 3 morning bridge
venice day 3 waredrobe
venice day 3 shopping
venice day 3 st pauls
day 3 shoot must have been love
day 3 shoot 2
day 3 shoot over now
day 3 shoot 3

Sorry if I've bored you with photo overload by now but this is the third and final Venice post!

We woke up at the early hour of 6am on the final day so we could get down to Rialto and see the Fish Market. I'm not a big fan of fish myself, especially seeing them still half alive but it was quite beautiful the array of colours and everything was so fresh! We bought some sun-dried tomatoes and strawberries which we polished off on the walk back to the hotel. The Canal was so picturesque at that time of the morning with very little tourists in sight and just the locals setting up for the day ahead.
I took a photo of my outfits palette before we packed our suitcases, and did some last minute sight-seeing of the famous St Pauls Cathedral, aswell as popping in h&m (I cant resist) and they had those mirrors that make you look flawless (yeah right!).

We grabbed some lunch before the flight and I chucked on some heels to make the most of the stunning weather and 'outfit post'-worthy backdrop!How often are you in Venice right?!

I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone that recommended places for me to visit/try on my trip especially those of you who took your time to email me in detail, it was so kind of you all. I had an amazing time and hopefully I shared the experience here with you


What I wore: Topshop Jumper, Topman Chinos, Topshop Vest, Converse/Primark heels, h&m choker


  1. I've loved your Venice posts! You have taken such beautiful pictures and I've even got one of them as my desktop background on my laptop haha! You seemed like you had a lovely time and you looked gorgeous! I love your outfits.
    Me and my boyfriend have just booked our trip to Italy.We go in September and we'll be spending 3 days in Venice, so so excited!! xx

  2. love all your Venice posts, I went there when I was about 15 but would love to visit again! beautiful photos!!
    you have great style, love all your jumpers and shoes!!
    please check out my blog
    love esme x

  3. This place looks like a dream! Cant wait to go on holiday soon, I was thinking maybe Barcelona as it's not too expensive for flights but Venice is looking very good indeed :-)

    Hope your having lots of fun out there! <3

  4. Venice looks gorgeous, I'd love to go! x

  5. Thank you for sharing all these pictures! I always enjoy them :)

  6. Venice looks amazing and you have taken some great pictures to share with us! I love that the sun is just rising - gorgeous! Xx

  7. Cute outfit love ur jeans

  8. I am so grateful to have found your blog! I love the style in which you write, what you write about and just generally the whole layout is the epitome of perfect! Your Venice posts are beautiful! I'd love to visit it one day. Was just wondering what camera you use?
    I am your newest follower!

    Much love, Eternal Archive xoxo

  9. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  10. I ´ve discovered your blog now, what a beautiful outfits you have and wonderful photos. I am following you!

    check out also my blog

    xx ketty xx

  11. Love these pics, really want to go to Venice someday...

    Love your blog - you are ridiculously gorgeous lady!!

    Sasha xx

  12. It´s great to visit you again and find good stuffs!

  13. I just discovered your blog and i'm fascinated.
    Your pictures are amazing! I went to Venice a half year ago and i loved it.
    My fave one is the first one with the cat.
    I will follow your blog for guaranteed. :)


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