Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Venice: Diary Day 2

venice day 2 bridge
venice day 2 door
Venice day 2 steps
venice day 2 grand canal
venice day 2 view
venice day 2 violin
venice day 2 canal outfit 2
venice day 2 houses
venice day 2 water runs dry
venice day 2 bridge water
venice day 2 english tea
Venice day 2 newspaper
venice day 2 lunch
venice day 2 masks window
venice day 2 streets
venice day 2 blue gondolas
venice day 2 2 gondolas
venice day 2 canal
venice day 2 gondolas
venice day 2 shops
Venice day 2 grand canal morning
venice day 2 grand canal evening
venice day 2 wish u were here

venice day 2 seagul
venice day 2 seagul and me
venice day 2 night

For day 2 having spoken to the restaurant owner the night before we decided we wanted to explore further afield than just the area surrounding our hotel so we crossed the 'Ponte degli Scalzi' to the area of Santa Croce, and I got some beautiful photos of the grand canal. On the way to the shore I snapped a photo of a man playing the violin. Try to picture adding a theme tune to the serenity of the morning, with the sun shining through, so much more romantic than your casual london busker (even though I was accompanied by my mum).

After taking in the scenery we stopped off at a cafe in 'Sotoportego Del Casin Dei Nobili' Square which to my delight served English Tea! I know being in Italy we should try all things Italian (including men whey!) but I can't go a morning without my fix of a good cuppa. We window shopped some more and I found a great shop that sold retro band memorabillia, so I bought a Pink Floyd and The Who badges for my leather jacket. Eventually we came across a bar for lunch that had real character about it, and cocktails! I love mojitos so I was more than happy.

We ended up walking so far we were back up on the map by the Rialto Bridge. We explored all the shops which are a lot more commercial in that area, there were a few market stalls and then some highstreet chains on the other side of the bridge with plenty of tourist souvenir shops inbetween. The most amazing part though was this seagull landing next to us as we were taking photos, he difinitely wasnt camera shy and posed for everyones photos for a good 10 mins before getting bored!

That night we ate quite late after being so tired from all-day walking. Luckily there was a restaurant right next to our hotel which stayed open until midnight. I ordered meatballs and spagetti and I finally got to try a Bellini!


What I wore: Jumper:Romwe. Shirt:h&m. Leather Trousers:h&m. studded Loathers:Topshop. Bag:Ebay.


  1. Wow all of these pictures are so incredibly beautiful! You are so lucky to have gone to Venice, I would love to travel there one day!

  2. Those really are such amazing photos! I think they are beautiful!
    I went to Venice 3 years ago for my 17th birthday and I loved it! :D
    Really hope you enjoy your trip!

    1. ahh it is so beautiful there isnt it, I would defo go back! Thank you I really did :)

  3. fab photos and I love your yellow jumper.

    I went to Venice 3 years ago and absolutely loved it, such a gorgeous city and I loved all the canals :)

    Mel x

    1. ye the canals were my favourite bit, never thought I'd enjoy just crossing bridges and looking at water so much haha!

  4. wow I love all the photos, i hope to get to go there too someday, thanks for sharing!!!!
    XO stephi

  5. Oh my gosh what truly beautiful photos, and you look stunning!

    Lea x


  6. Ohhhhh i love this city. Want to be there now!! :)

    Your blog is amazing! :)


  7. Photos are all so beautiful. Makes me miss Venice so much.

    Yellow jumper is so cool and I am in love with those leather gloves!

  8. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  9. amazing pics!! I love Venice!!
    you look perfect for the ocassion ;)


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