Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Venice: Diary Day 1

venice 1
venice outfit day 1
TEE:AmericanApparel. JEANS:h&m. Converse. BAG:TkMaxx. NECKLACE:Topman. SHADES:UrbanOutfitters.

venice 2
venice 3
venice day 1 outfit 1 combo
venice day 1 outfit details
Venice coco day 1
venice meal book day1
venice meal at Trattoria da arturo

A very photo heavy post I know, one of the reasons why I couldnt post whilst in Venice like I'd hoped was because although there was wifi it was too slow to handle the large photo files!
Anyway, this was Day 1 of my trip to Venice and I can confirm two things, yes the City is even more beautiful than the photos and hell'yeah the men are hot! #italianstallion

The first photo is one of the first sights of Venice we saw after leaving the airport, I knew from then on things were only going to get more beautiful. It was honestly breathtaking crossing the canal on a water-bus, blue open water, the rainbow-painted City ahead and we were so lucky with the weather which was around 14 (Degrees C). I travelled in a Tee, jeans and Converse to keep it comfortable during the flight, I had a coat also but it wasn't needed once we arrived on land around 3pm.. I took a few photos and then we watched the sunset whilst drinking Pistachio hot chocolate outside a little cafe in Piazza san Marco, and planned the day ahead.

For dinner, we ate at a traditional Italian restaurant recommended to us called 'Trattoria Da Arturo'. It's expensive at £30 a main but well worth it if you want to exeperience true Italian cuisine and conversation. It does not look impressive from first glance, it is just a very small restaurant that hasnt had a refurb for what looks a good decade, but the food was cooked to perfection and the aromas that filled the air were sensational! The staff made us feel like we were dining as guests in their own homes, the conversations were flowing throughout the entire meal and at not one point did I think "Leave me to eat!" infact we stayed drinking Disaronno on the rocks with them until after closing and they gave us some great 'local' tips on what to see whilst in Venice.
And if what I've said so far doesn't appeal to you enough maybe the part where I mention Brad Pitt, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman and Kim Kardashian to name just a few have wined and dined here and theres a whole album of photos to prove it! So of course I assured the owner I would email him that final photo above to add to his collection once I'm famous ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 2, hope you found this intersting..


Wednesday, 7 March 2012


All this rainy weather has me counting down the days til summer returns and we can all walk around bronzed, enjoying the sun.. and in beautiful swimswear if you're lucky enough to own a 'We Are Handsome' onepiece!

How I'm hoping to look come Ibiza.. a girl can dream!

we are handsome moodboard afluenza
Moodboard by Afluenza. Bikini stocked at

I came across this Australian based brand whilst researching for my uni project and ended up spending my night drooling over the stunning prints (and bikini bods). Even though these are way out of my budget, I do believe that good quality swimwear can help boost your body confidence when it comes down to baring all. The most expensive bikini I own was under £50 but its my favourite, its lasted through seasons.. and its all in the details. So now I am finding myself slightly tempted to splurge for my girls holiday to Ibiza. I usally buy so-so cheap'n'chic swimwear for each day, but maybe it'll be worthwhile investing in just three good quality, luxurious bikini sets that make me feel great and have me returning to them year after year. First on my list is that Anchorage printed halterneck above.



Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Frosted Pink.

time to say goodbye to turning tables
pink pairing wide 2
JUMPER:Zara. JEANS:h&m. LEATHER-CHOKER:h&mTrend. HEELS:Topshop. BAG:Vintage. WATCH:asos.

pink pairing face
frosted pink details

Pink, again? I cant believe it myself! Guess I definitly can't hide behind that 'I hate pink' line anymore as this is its third appearance now. It is this jumper that originally helped me fall back in love with the colour since I ditched it age ten, and here I am still wearing it 8 months later. These pastel pink jeans are also an old favourite I've had for over two years, proving once again you should never chuck things but bury them like a squirrel until they're back on trend!

If you're noticing my photos are getting a little more arty farty, that's because they are.. I love photography and have taken more of an interest since I took a course last year and have always wanted my blog to take on a kind of scrapbook/moodboard/story-telling theme like flicking through someones journal or sketchbook. Obviously this isn't to everyones taste and a lot of people like 'real' this is what I wore today girls' but this is my personal space so I'd like to make my ootd's more presentable and artistic (with a few lifestyle photos and music favs here and there), and coming from an Art background this isn't surprising.
So look forward to a few creative changes around here..



Sunday, 4 March 2012

Diary Day #2

sunday 4th march somebody that i used to know
FYI I take my tea strong with lots of milk, 2 sugars.

So keeping up with the Diary Day lasted long.. although after having my phone stolen last weekend it was like the cherry on top and I really didn't feel up to doing anything. Me and my friend put my bad luck down to it being a leap year, so hopefully it'll pass now! (any excuse)

I've finally got back in the game of Youtube, after a month not feeling up to filming I was missing it too much and filmed an OOTD yesterday that you can watch here. It's strange when you haven't filmed in so long, its like going back to square one and you lose the confidence to do it so you put it off more and more!

I'm going to Venice on Thursday. It's one of those places on my list of 'must visit' that I'll finally be able to tick off. It just looks so beautiful and the idea of it being 'the floating city' really interests me. Hopefully I'll be able to post whilst I'm out there as I'm taking my laptop but if not I'll have plenty of photos to share with you when I'm back!

If you have been to Venice, Italy before is there anything you suggest trying/doing?


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spring Layers.

I found another great way to wear my new 3.1 Phillip Lim inspired trousers from H&M Trend. This time styling them more casual and day appropriate.

cruise laidback
cruise 2

SHIRT:h&m mens. JUMPER:Topshop. TROUSERS:h&mTrend. HEELS:Primark. BAG:h&m. SUNNIES:h&m.

cruise details 2
cruise details
cruise laidback 2

The weather was gorgeous when these photos were taken, really got me in the mood for spring and the sunnies even made an appearance!
I really have fallen in love with these trousers from H&M Trend, they are the perfect dress up-dress down pair due to their lightweight material and just enough tailoring for a smart attire but slouchy enough to work a laidback look like I've gone for here. Only problem is they dont work as well with flats so I 'had to' wear these uncomfortable heels to late-lunch with the fam.. what I do for fashion aye?! Fortunately there wasn't a lot of walking involved, good job after a few glasses of wine too!


*P.S If you're wondering what happened to the giveaway, I'm not a cow I promise.. the item I ordered has yet to arrive so I'm preparing something in the meantime. Bare with me guys!
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