Sunday, 19 February 2012

Diary Day #1

19 feb

I know a lot of bloggers do these Sunday catch ups and I've always thought about starting up a diary day to reflect on whats happened in the week, if anything more for myself than for people to reador bore of but I figured this way it'll remind me to write it and also add another post for the week which is never a bad thing. I've always been terrible at keeping diaries, always starting them and two weeks down the line (if that) I become lazy and neglect it until I have lots of wasted 'fresh start diaries' gathering dust in the cupboard! I like the idea of being able to look back and see what I've accomplished or even to remember the small things that happen that if not wrote down would become blurs in my memory.
So, here's to a 'fresh' diary hopefully, glad I can share these times with you guys.

Whats New:
As you can see from the photo theres a few things that are new with me.
- I got fresh Ink! I've been contemplating and lusting after this tattoo since I got my first just under a year ago now, its says 'Once upon a time' and to me it symbolizes a lot of things.. We each have a story of our own, that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (close to my heart as I try to live by this after being judged myself), and the more cringy line of 'every once upon a time has a happily ever after..' yes.
- I am four-eyes. I evidently spend far too much time staring at my laptop that I now have to wear reading glasses, I put off the test because glasses seriously do not suit me (even if I wish they did geek chic) However, if you start blacking out after long nights of blog stalking its time to bite the bullet and head to specsavers!
- Lastly, I got my nails did. well, I 'did' them myself after hearing Mary from Anothergirlslife rave about these Matte Black falsies from boots. A life saver considering I dont have the patience to grow my own.

Anyway hunaaaays I'm off to watch TOWIE now (its the only way)

PS: Could you 9 GFC subbies that are below the original GFC sub box please follow that one along with the majority, not sure why I have two but going to delete the second box sometime this week but thought I should let you's know so you dont think I've disappeared.


  1. Love the placement of your tattoo, and i know the feeling with the glasses, had to cave in to them this week after getting constant headaches from non stop blog stalking!
    Please could you check out my new blog, would really appreciate it!

    1. ahh no its such a guilty pleasure tho is blog stalking, I could literally do it all day until my eyes go square haha. have u sent me your link before? :s so weird coz I found your blog yest and bookmarked u.. weiiiiird. I like your style, really edgy :)

  2. I know about the glasses <__<
    I'm short sighted, and I have to wear them at school, or to catch a bus... its embarrassing. But oh well !

    1. yeah, loads of people wear glasses so we'll get over it aye?! Now I just gota remember to wear/pack them haa


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