Sunday, 8 January 2012

If the world was my waredrobe..


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floral trousers day to night

I love Polyvore! The possibilities are endless.. Sometimes I only plan to log on to put together a quick set of inspiration and find myself creating dream outfits for hours on end. Last night was no exception, these are the three I put together, I need that acidic yellow blazer in my life and I am also on the look out for a cheap pair of burgundy loafers, Aldo had a perfect pair in the Sale but not in my size. Another thing I know is on my list for s/s12 is a pair of tropical floral trousers, here I've shown how they can be styled for both Night and Day. As for the perfumes, LoverDose by Diesel has been on my mind for a while, with blackjack notes its not for everyone but it will definitely be my next purchase. I had forgotten how much I used to adore Gucci Rush when I was younger, I hope it hasn't been discontinued because I may have to rekindle this romance.
For more outfit ideas and info on the looks above check out my polyvore profile.




  1. Such gorgeous outfits! I am desperate for some floral trousers as well! They'd be brilliant for spring

  2. you have a truly desirable fashion sense!
    i larve itt!

  3. Thank yoou, ladies! If you happen to come across any goodens (floral trousers) do let me know :)

  4. I love all of these, but I think the first may be my favourite. Don't know why but I'm really into neon lately, hated it at first xx

  5. I want that yellow blazer too! It brightens up every outfit

  6. Omg I want it all:( Love the floral trousers so much!x

  7. I agree totally on Polyvore being something I log into to create a quick set, but instead find myself on it for hours after spotting so many gorgeous items I want! Will let you know if I see any nice floral trousers :)

  8. @josie Yeah I didnt think I was going to be into neon once I heard it was coming around again because Last year it was done so tacky, But I think done right and in small amounts like a flash of colour in a neutral outfit, or just one item neon looks fab!

    @Laura I know right! just a shame we cant afford all the amazing items. Thank you defo keep me in the know :)


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