Thursday, 15 December 2011

Minimal moment


*Notice I've tried to style my hair like the Ashey Olsen post from yesterday, pretty nifty aye?! I'm also so pleased my hairs finally ligtening up.. next stop white blonde!

A little while back I would never have thought my outfit would have only consisted of two items.. I was a lover of layering (and still am) but it seems recently I've been keeping things pretty simple. Studying Fashion I knew over a year ago that the Minimal Trend was making a comeback, I just didn't think it was one I'd be interested in and was quite bored by it if I'm honest. Now, I'm not a 'trendwhore', I have my own personal style and whatever current trend is flying about at the time ends up being incorporated into my outfit choices or adapted because of course the 'trends' are what the highstreet sell.. and boi do I like to shop! However, I will admit since doing a whole uni project on 'Minimalism' recently I think its been drummed into my system and I've grown quite fond of the trend and have found my style changing a tad. When I look at so-called 'Minimalistic' bloggers I used to think it was too easy for them to be 'fashionable', y'know like "whats so stylish about your generic 'jeans and t-shirt' look?", so maybe some of you may have this opinion on my outfit. But I think you dress how you feel, and simple and effortless is how I'm feeling atm. (queue stressful deadlines)

One thing I will say, it's a change for the better, not only am I dressing a little more mature but I find this simplistic style helps you shop less and when you do shop you may spend more on one item, but you pay more for quality of the cut or material because of course theres no other prints or embellishment to distract you. So in the long run, the pieces last longer and will be basic staples in your wardrobe for years to come. I also find I am becoming more selective about what I buy, because a lot of basics can look very similar and so you need less. And of course, less is more with this look!
I will say I've never bought so much black before surprisingly (I was shocked I didn't even own a black jumper or pair of simple courts), it just wasn't a 'colour' for me. But who knows I may become bored with the minimal trend again, but the good thing about it is you can never have too many black shoes, and basics go with everything.. or vise versa. Simple!





  1. I love the outfit. refreshing change to some generic looks i've been seeing a lot of lately. great blog and I love the name. :) following.

  2. this look reminds me so much of Love Aesthetics.
    gorgeous! xx

  3. really like the new hair! I love being a the minimalist trend. Sometimes I'm surprised at how good someones outfit looks even though it really only has two or three elements to it.


  4. Thanks Bridget that put a smile on my face :)

    And meg thats the biggest compliment, I love that girl, shes so talented. Shes in my inspiration list to the right --->

    Thanks Cleome, yeah I never thought I'd say it but it looks well put together and polished with just a few key items


  5. Hey, it's Rachel from Cov uni too, Vick your hair looks so good like that, you should deffo cut it like that, and your has really lightned up, Im gonna bleach mine I think when Im back from Spain next week for Christmas :) x

  6. Hi, I'm Nicole from Romanian Princess! It's a blog all about everything girly! Please stop by and follow, as I am following you!


  7. Hi rach, how u been? Thank yooou, I cant wait for it to lighten up even more though and have a nice cut too haha. I love you blonde so defo go for it. it was such a mish going from the ombre to blonde though :| Hope Spains going good and you have a nice Chrimbo x

  8. You look gorgeous. And those leggings are a beaut.

  9. hair looks fabulous!!!! i saw it beofre the previous post a def thought of the olsens :)

  10. I love this outfit! I'm a big fan of minimal fashion. I think it's a bit less disposable, if you know what I mean. Most items seem to last more than one season.


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