Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Nan Knitted this!


My Nan knitted me this Black cable knit cardigan for Christmas because she knows how I've been desperately searching for one since August. For some reason there is a lack of 'just the right length; not too short not too long, black, cable-knit cardigans with old leather buttons' flying about on the highstreet.. hmm, maybe I was being too specific?! So I've had no chance but to have one custom-made. In-comes Nan. And what a lovely Nan she is, its perfect and I've pretty much been wearing it with everything, which is the reason I wanted one so bad in the first place!

The flash clearly loves me in this shot and has completely washed me out so much so that it looks as though I'm not wearing a top.. I assure you there is a white lace bralet there somewhere and its beautiful!

The skirt I nabbed from Ebay for the bargain price of £7, its good as new and a great all year piece in my favourite colour, wine. Paired with some woollen tights and socks in winter I'm still kept warm. And don't worry I wore a coat too, its freeeeezing in the UK!

I start back at my Placement/job in Oxford Circus again tomorrow, only for four days. It just keeps me in-the-know of what's going on before I start there 'officially' once I've graduated. I'm going to try and see if the boyf can get an Outfit snap of me every morning if its not too dark at 8am!



Thursday, 15 December 2011

Minimal moment


*Notice I've tried to style my hair like the Ashey Olsen post from yesterday, pretty nifty aye?! I'm also so pleased my hairs finally ligtening up.. next stop white blonde!

A little while back I would never have thought my outfit would have only consisted of two items.. I was a lover of layering (and still am) but it seems recently I've been keeping things pretty simple. Studying Fashion I knew over a year ago that the Minimal Trend was making a comeback, I just didn't think it was one I'd be interested in and was quite bored by it if I'm honest. Now, I'm not a 'trendwhore', I have my own personal style and whatever current trend is flying about at the time ends up being incorporated into my outfit choices or adapted because of course the 'trends' are what the highstreet sell.. and boi do I like to shop! However, I will admit since doing a whole uni project on 'Minimalism' recently I think its been drummed into my system and I've grown quite fond of the trend and have found my style changing a tad. When I look at so-called 'Minimalistic' bloggers I used to think it was too easy for them to be 'fashionable', y'know like "whats so stylish about your generic 'jeans and t-shirt' look?", so maybe some of you may have this opinion on my outfit. But I think you dress how you feel, and simple and effortless is how I'm feeling atm. (queue stressful deadlines)

One thing I will say, it's a change for the better, not only am I dressing a little more mature but I find this simplistic style helps you shop less and when you do shop you may spend more on one item, but you pay more for quality of the cut or material because of course theres no other prints or embellishment to distract you. So in the long run, the pieces last longer and will be basic staples in your wardrobe for years to come. I also find I am becoming more selective about what I buy, because a lot of basics can look very similar and so you need less. And of course, less is more with this look!
I will say I've never bought so much black before surprisingly (I was shocked I didn't even own a black jumper or pair of simple courts), it just wasn't a 'colour' for me. But who knows I may become bored with the minimal trend again, but the good thing about it is you can never have too many black shoes, and basics go with everything.. or vise versa. Simple!




Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Asymmetric Long Bob.

I'm through with my thick, long hair atm, it's just getting in my way and looking too goldie locks long now I've burried it in bleach!
An Asymmetric bob a la Ashley Olsen seems like the best of both worlds, leaving me some length to mess around with without going so short I'm left with more face than hair!



P.S What do you think of the new layout? I had a bit of a tidy up because I felt like a fresh start after I accidently deleted some of my old post photos (nothing too interesting I assure you), and plus I have my new Camera now.. good quality has arrived #officialblogger - Twitter

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist and Gift Ideas

So here goes guys, it's gonna be a long one. I know I may seem like a right little greedyguts with the length of this list.. but hopefully Santa's feeling generous (a girl can wish!), orr he'll pick just a few goodies from the bunch to surprise me with and make me a very happy chappy :D

*hint hint ahem James*

Hope this gives you some Wishlist inspiration too or some gift ideas for friends and family maybe..

Ottoman Hands rings
Ottoman Hands Jewellery Collection can be found in all big Topshop stores (Oxford Street). Rings £38

river island heels
River Island Heels £40- I want the all-Black version but this is all thats available online, instore however is hopefully another story..

AA disco pant
American Apparel Disco Pant £70 - Yes, everyone has them.. but thats because they're so friggin amaazing!
Click to go to website
AA Medium leather pouch taupe
Also from American Apparel, Medium Size Leather Pouch in colour Taupe £46
Click to go to website

ebay creepers
Creepers £60 - Slightly cheaper than the Underground pair and just as nice! Ladies you need to go 2 sizes smaller though (i.e US8 = UK5 so UK5 will need a size 6)
Click to go to Ebay

oasis leather jacket with quilting
Oasis Leather Jacket £132 - Click to go to
One day.. I'll be rich and get my hands on an Allsaints Leather biker jacket but until then this one is ideal.

viktor and rolf flowerbomb
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb - My all-time favourite perfume that has just run out *cries*. It's pricey but it has lastest me since April so a little goes a long way! *A heads up.. House of Fraser and Debenhams are doing 10% off atm

converse-chuck-taylor high tops
Converse White High tops Size 5/5.5 - You can get these at many different retailers but I think Debenhams is the cheapest atm, don't quote me on it though

Stocking Fillers
It's 3 for 2 at Boots so that's a great way to fill those stockings.. Soap & Glory do great gift sets so if you don't know whats best, try them all! Also anything from The Body Shop always smells amazing and are great products. LUSH is another one to look out for.
And for something to fill the gaps, why not grab a load of their favourite sweets- everyone enjoys a bit of sugar at Christmas..

soap and glory youth moisturiser boots
Soap & Glory Youth 6 in 1 Moisturiser £12- Boots
soap and glory the fab pore 15 min facial peel
Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 minute Facial £8- Boots
soap and glory blueberry thrill moisturiser and exfoliator
Soap & Glory Blueberry Thrill Body Butter and Exfoliator £9- Boots

the body shop strawberry body butter
The Body Shop Strawberry Body butter £12.50
the body shop vitamin e eyecream
The Body Shop Vitamin E eyecream £9.50 - lovely for soothing tired eyes in the morning and getting you up from that duvetcoma (something we all need, me in particular)
the body shop body buffer
The Body Shop Body Brush £7- This is perfect for getting rid of dead skin cells and leaving your skin smooth as a babies bottom

Creme Brulee Vaseline £2.99- Boots. Vaselines great all year round but especially this cold time of year when your lips need a pick me up, this ones special though because its limited edition.. and I love creme brulee

Also wouldn't mind an Ipad2, but I reckon this is pushing expectations just a little bit too far..

Remember if you're ordering online, you need to order before a certain date (often early December) if you want your items in time for Christmas! So get your lists sent off to Santa quickTime.


"holidays are coming.. holidays are coming.."


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cheap Monday & Weekday Wishlist

cheap monday and WEEKDAY items

All items above found on

Yep, another Cheap Monday and Weekday drool session! One month later and I still don't have my hands on any of these babies :( Mainly because Weekday isn't available in the UK but CM is, and still, nothing!
I would love each and every one of these items to come join my already over-flowing wardrobe but I think I'll have to limit myself to one or two for now.. Not that they are overly expensive though, they're similiar to h&m prices but more leaning towards Topshop I guess, but it's worth it considering they are basic enough to be staples all year round but still have that little 'sumitsumit' that makes them unique.

This brand is exactly the look I'm into atm, tres chic and effortlessly cool.


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