Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Trend Tuesday #1 "Sorbet Summer"

I know that it is now the early hours of Wednesday so no longer technically Tuesday, however for me it still is because these hours are pretty much the only time I get to blog due to long Uni days. *note to self: must learn to schedule blog posts!

Anyhoo, part of my summer placement was spent eye-boggling every single collection that hit the s/s12 Catwalks, so throughout that research I fell in love with many a trend of which I will be relaying to you over the next few weeks whilst we waddle through winter preparing our waredrobes once again for spring/summer- an on-going cycle.
(btw: I'm currently researching Absolutely Fabulous for uni c/w and some dialogue comes to mind from GAY episodes- "hello Mrs.m, we've been to the shows" "ooo was it Winter?" "no, Spring!" "oh, have we had winter?" "Yes, last summer" haha- you must watch)

I'm going off at a tangent, as I was saying.. I know I'm a bit behind and I'm sure you're all up-to-date with the trends but with sales starting up I thought it'd be good to know where you can get the trends for less now, instead of buying at full-price next year- thinking ahead.. although we know we'll all still buy more!

phillip lim highstreet outfit

TROUSER:Dorothy Perkins £17. VEST:Miss Selfridge £7. WATERFALL BLAZER:Style Compare £40. HEELS:Aldo £39.98 CLUTCH:American Apparel £62. CUFF SET:h&m £7.99

I know some of you might not be all-for the silver shoe but I
personally think it gives this outfit some polish, but fair doo's, worn wrong they could look rather tacky.. I would prefer a slightly better quality, inevitably pricer pair but we gotta keep to a budget here people!I have heard though that Zara have put their lush silver heels in the Sale, so if you find a pair, I'm well jel!



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