Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Trend Tuesday #3 "Gothic Romance"

Alexander Mcqueen ss12

LACE-TOP:French Connection £52. LEATHER-JACKET:Allsaints SALE £175. SKIRT:Topshop £75. GLADIATOR-HEEL:Allsaints SALE £72.

This outfit is pretty damn expensive for highstreet but we are trying to resemble The "Mcqueen" here and rare beauty comes at a price! You could defo wear/find a cheaper leather jacket of course, I just loved how this one embodied the romance in this gothic look.
If I had the funds I would love to rock this look finished off with a slicked back ponytail -Stylish Dream..



Saturday, 22 October 2011

He's giving me the Cold Shoulder




DSCF4682 copy



RINGS: Left- bootsale, h&m and Regal Rose. Right- Topshop, h&m, Forever21 and bootsale

DSCF4686 copy

I look a little worse for wear in these photos because they were taken after a good few drinks down the pub so I wasn't really prepared for a photoshoot and tbh I can just about remember the incident haha!
I posted a photo on my tumblr of a cutout shoulder jumper that I wanted to DIY myself, so I purchased this grey cable knit from Primark for £14 and snipped out the shoulder, I love how it turned out and think personalizing generic highstreet is the way forward to keep your wardrobe individual!

A lovely girl with ace style did a feature post on me on her blog- "The Haute Club" can't thank her enough, such a nice thought so check her out and her youtube channel for some great outfits!



Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday finds

21 oct Zara dupe on ebay 15 pounds

News Just In! cannot believe this Zara Dupe 'It' bag I stumbled across on Ebay during one of my marathon searches (addicted).. and at just under £17 including p&p it would be insane for me not to purchase this asap! Don't panic, I've included the link here.

21 oct ebay fake lita

I'm also considering getting these because I'm a pikey and can't justify the money for real Lita's (cult blogger buy)

ebay spiked bracelet 21 oct

And last but not least this silver spike bracelet, and for even cheaper than the one you can nab at Forever 21.. £3.97!!!



Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Trend Tuesday #2 "Pretty In Pink"

Adam ss12 highstreet
Outfit 1: BLAZER:NewLook SALE £12. TROUSER:NewLook SALE £12. SHIRT:Allsaints SALE £30. HEELS:French Connection SALE £75.
Outfit 2: JUMPER:h&m £14.99. JOGGERS:Asda £4. JEWLLED-COLLAR:Asos £15. HEELS:French Connection SALE £75.
Outfit 3: LACE-TOP:Warehouse £30. TROUSER:Asos £38. BELT:DorothyPerkins £12. HEELS:French Connection SALE £75

So these are my fav looks from the Adam ss12 show.. I really like the grey androgynous take on the usual black suit tailoring, this is much more laidback cool. Best to buy a suit-set from the same retailer to ensure the colour match isn't too different, luckily this New Look suit is in the Sale.. I would just diy shorten the trouser (handsew if you dont own a machine or leave for the worn edge look).
And even though I am not much a fan of pink, this monochrome pink head-to-toe look as caught my eye! Once again you dont just have to stick to the typical black/white combos.



Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #4

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boyfriend camel coat



1. I have been on the search for the perfect camel boyfriend coat that will see me stylishly and warm through winter, there are a few around but coats are always so pricey, h&m do a nice shape for £24.99 but its on the thin side, more of a layering piece. This one above pweez -_-
2. Defo want to try out these Love Aesthetic DIY cuffs, so minimal yet so chic
3. Reallly lovin pastel pink hair atm but I'll have to bleach the rest of mine before I can apply the Manic Panic, seems like a long process but luckily I reckon pink hairs gonna cause a phenomenon for next years 'Dreamfield' Festival Trend!

Not much on the wishlist this week, which is probably a good thing because I can't afford any of it anyway! One other thing I'm wanting though is a blog re-vamp, and that I can afford.. Afluenza is just looking a little too summery and as its "fall" now, my fav time of year a warmer makeover seems appropriate, I like Wine/berry shades..
let me know your thoughts?



Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Trend Tuesday #1 "Sorbet Summer"

I know that it is now the early hours of Wednesday so no longer technically Tuesday, however for me it still is because these hours are pretty much the only time I get to blog due to long Uni days. *note to self: must learn to schedule blog posts!

Anyhoo, part of my summer placement was spent eye-boggling every single collection that hit the s/s12 Catwalks, so throughout that research I fell in love with many a trend of which I will be relaying to you over the next few weeks whilst we waddle through winter preparing our waredrobes once again for spring/summer- an on-going cycle.
(btw: I'm currently researching Absolutely Fabulous for uni c/w and some dialogue comes to mind from GAY episodes- "hello Mrs.m, we've been to the shows" "ooo was it Winter?" "no, Spring!" "oh, have we had winter?" "Yes, last summer" haha- you must watch)

I'm going off at a tangent, as I was saying.. I know I'm a bit behind and I'm sure you're all up-to-date with the trends but with sales starting up I thought it'd be good to know where you can get the trends for less now, instead of buying at full-price next year- thinking ahead.. although we know we'll all still buy more!

phillip lim highstreet outfit

TROUSER:Dorothy Perkins £17. VEST:Miss Selfridge £7. WATERFALL BLAZER:Style Compare £40. HEELS:Aldo £39.98 CLUTCH:American Apparel £62. CUFF SET:h&m £7.99

I know some of you might not be all-for the silver shoe but I
personally think it gives this outfit some polish, but fair doo's, worn wrong they could look rather tacky.. I would prefer a slightly better quality, inevitably pricer pair but we gotta keep to a budget here people!I have heard though that Zara have put their lush silver heels in the Sale, so if you find a pair, I'm well jel!



Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Vintage Leopard.




JUMPER:vintage FAUX-LEATHER SHORTS:only(Belgium) ANKLE BOOTS:office BAG:Ebay wang-a-like SPIKE BRACELET:forever21

I had been looking for a leopard print jumper for soo long after I had seen one of the girls at work with the Opening Ceremony version. Searching high and low mainly on Ebay, I came across a few but nothing was puuurfect. Until I got lucky one day at a Market near my mums in Kent. A vintage stool sold me this beaut for £10!! Love at first sight.
Since then I have spotted one similiar on the Beyond Retro Webby however its not a tenner, but if you're interested..

I found these bargain shorts during my mini Euro Trip last month, a Belgium Highstreet shop by the name of 'Only' had these on offer for 7.50euros.. MAZING!

Tomorrow for Trend Tuesday I'm hoping to bring you a glimpse of some of the trends I've been lovin from the S/S12 catwalks. I know I'm late but its been non-stop these past few weeks.



Friday, 7 October 2011




TEE:forever21 SKIRT:zara BOOTS:office BAG:chanel PENDANT:primark



LOL look at me trying to pull my best "I'm a rockstar" face.. I just made sexy look desperate! Try to shift your attention away from that try-hard and onto my ahh-MAZING new metallic skirt! I've been loving this trend since this a/w catwalks hit and it looks like metallics are being carried over way into s/s12 so this piece will soon become a staple in my waredrobe, luckily England is having some bipolar weather atm and its been scorching hot temperatures (for us) so this beaut has had a preview.

Pairing it with a simple white tee tones down the glamness enough to be worn in the day. Next on my list of "daytime nightwear" styling is sequins!



Saturday, 1 October 2011

And I don't even like Pink..


JUMPER:zara STRIPE DRESS:sainsburys WHITE SHIRT:h&m BOOTS:office



WATCH:urban O SPIKE BRACELET:forever21 CROSS RING:gogoPhillip NAILS:blackFrenchMani

Got a lot of inspiration for this outfit from a lookbook upload, I just tweaked it with layering to add my own personality. I saw the black french mani on BleachBlack blog and loved the concept, I also want to try a black matte nail with patent black tip look I've seen.

I was uhmming and ahhring for weeks about whether to finally purchase the Zara knit you see here. I have so many jumpers but I'm pleased I've added this one to my collection now, although I dont usually like pink I've had a lot of compliments on it suiting my colouring.. so well worth the £35 in the end!


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