Thursday, 1 September 2011

Monki to hit London!

Wednesday wish list that once again is early thursday morning wishlist :/

BBcream 001


Office night rush black stud ankle boot 95pound

Before we get started with whats on this weeks wish list and why, I have to inform you that Selfridges are launching H&M's slovakian sister brand, Monki today! Definitely check it out if you're in London, uber LBC and at affordable prices. I'll see you there at doors opening ;)

1. Garnier B.B Cream- everyone and their mum has been raving about the qualities of bb creams and now they're hitting the uk. I usually wear a tinted moisturiser/low coverage foundation anyway, so if this cream has the skin improving factors it claims to we're on to a winner.

2. I <3 these Ottaman Topshop concession rings, each one is unique and there are an assortment of arrangements you can make with a few. However, at more than £30 a piece, looks like that collection may take a while to build up

3. So.. the devine Topshop boots from last weeks wishlist sold out (depression!) Luckily though I've managed to fill the void with my new studded ankle boot crush from Office. This Night Rush pair are £95, so a tad cheaper than the £110 I was going to fork out, just gotta make sure I get them this time note to self

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