Thursday, 18 August 2011

Wednesday Wish List.

sssh I know it's now Thursday but its early hours so lets just keep it between me and you ;)
17 AUG mac Costa Chic and Please Me

17 AUG canon 1000d

17 AUG lita

17 AUG topshop premium stud ankle boots 110 pounds

17 AUG Triangle

17 AUG cheap monday weekday
In no particular order, other than the fact I am in great need of this camera!:

1. MAC lipsticks in Costa Chic and Please Me

2. Canon SLR 1000d camera

3. Suede Taupe, Jeffrey Campbell Litas as seen on Fashiontoast

4. Black, studded leather ankle boots- Toppers £110 <3
5. Triangle Tee's in general.

6. Cheap Monday Cut'n'Tint jeans 50euro, Cheap Monday racer-neck dress 30euro, Weekday Olympia pink vest 12euro, Weekday Dark grey ankle boot 50euro, Weekday Copper ring 8euro, Weekday Sheer maxi dress 30euro, Cheap Monday sheer 3x layer vest 35euro

A new camera is the one investment I seriously need to make very soon! My Fujitsu digital just isn't up to the job anymore and my phone is less than capable of recording good quality fashion film :|
I've been lusting over Litas for awhile now, and couldn't make my mind up over the colour matter of wearable taupe or stand-out snakeskin.. Also, I don't know if I'll wear them enough to justify £120?!
I can however justify splurging on the to-die boots from Toppers, they're exactly what I need for fall, and just the right amount of heel for the day.
I've had my eye on numerous triangle tee's for longer than I can remember now, it's just about finding the perfect one. I'm considering a D.I.Y..
The need for Monki/Weekday/Cheap Monday, h&m's sister slovakian brands to make their way into the UK!! Ridic affordable and so LBC. Rumour has it they plan on setting up shop in Carnaby street, *fingers crossed*


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