Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Better late than never.

Placement: Week 5 Tuesday
placement week 6 day 1

TOP:diy SKIRT:primark BOOTS:beyondretro LEATHER GILET:primark HEADSCARF:bootsale

LEFT HAND RINGS(from top):topshop, Forever21, bootsale. RIGHT HAND:vintage paris, bootsale NAIL ART:union jack

So I had a brainwave today that it probably would have been a good idea to document the outfits I wear to my placement each week.. that started over a month ago now :| oops. But heyho, I've still got a month left so thats still sufficient outfit posting material! Bare with me though, when I get home I'm often shattered so it may not be an 'on the day post' but I pinky promise the 3 days worth of outfits will be on by the end of each week.



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  1. just found your blog and I'm really happy about that, it's awesome :)

    xoxo Daisy



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