Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Better late than never.

Placement: Week 5 Tuesday
placement week 6 day 1

TOP:diy SKIRT:primark BOOTS:beyondretro LEATHER GILET:primark HEADSCARF:bootsale

LEFT HAND RINGS(from top):topshop, Forever21, bootsale. RIGHT HAND:vintage paris, bootsale NAIL ART:union jack

So I had a brainwave today that it probably would have been a good idea to document the outfits I wear to my placement each week.. that started over a month ago now :| oops. But heyho, I've still got a month left so thats still sufficient outfit posting material! Bare with me though, when I get home I'm often shattered so it may not be an 'on the day post' but I pinky promise the 3 days worth of outfits will be on by the end of each week.



Thursday, 18 August 2011

Wednesday Wish List.

sssh I know it's now Thursday but its early hours so lets just keep it between me and you ;)
17 AUG mac Costa Chic and Please Me

17 AUG canon 1000d

17 AUG lita

17 AUG topshop premium stud ankle boots 110 pounds

17 AUG Triangle

17 AUG cheap monday weekday
In no particular order, other than the fact I am in great need of this camera!:

1. MAC lipsticks in Costa Chic and Please Me

2. Canon SLR 1000d camera

3. Suede Taupe, Jeffrey Campbell Litas as seen on Fashiontoast

4. Black, studded leather ankle boots- Toppers £110 <3
5. Triangle Tee's in general.

6. Cheap Monday Cut'n'Tint jeans 50euro, Cheap Monday racer-neck dress 30euro, Weekday Olympia pink vest 12euro, Weekday Dark grey ankle boot 50euro, Weekday Copper ring 8euro, Weekday Sheer maxi dress 30euro, Cheap Monday sheer 3x layer vest 35euro

A new camera is the one investment I seriously need to make very soon! My Fujitsu digital just isn't up to the job anymore and my phone is less than capable of recording good quality fashion film :|
I've been lusting over Litas for awhile now, and couldn't make my mind up over the colour matter of wearable taupe or stand-out snakeskin.. Also, I don't know if I'll wear them enough to justify £120?!
I can however justify splurging on the to-die boots from Toppers, they're exactly what I need for fall, and just the right amount of heel for the day.
I've had my eye on numerous triangle tee's for longer than I can remember now, it's just about finding the perfect one. I'm considering a D.I.Y..
The need for Monki/Weekday/Cheap Monday, h&m's sister slovakian brands to make their way into the UK!! Ridic affordable and so LBC. Rumour has it they plan on setting up shop in Carnaby street, *fingers crossed*


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Polka Pink




Left Hand- EVIL EYE:topshop CELTIC:forever21 SILVER BAND:bootsale. Right Hand- STONE:vintage HORSE:bootsale



I love my new polka-dot dress, personally I don't think it looks like Primark at all, more vintage chic.. and others must agree because my size had sold out by the time I got around to pursuing it. But I <3 it even more because of the effort that went into me getting my mitts on one; after 15 minutes spent stalking a girl around the store with a size 8 in her hand (on a whim), she finally put it down.. I was over there faster than a fat kid to cake! :D its beautiful.

I am also proud of this weeks DIY project: I purchased some cone studs on Ebay and got all 'Ragged Priest' on my Converse. £45 still in my pocket!



Monday, 15 August 2011

LOOK out!

Hi Look and all look readers, if you're reading...
I'm Victoria, blogger of alfuenza.blogspot.com and aspiring stylist! Today I'm just going to ramble on about why I think I should be blogging from the front row for The Look Show, during a/w'11 Fashion week...
*A bit of background info*
I'm about to go into my 3rd year of Uni studying Fashion but it's not just a subject to me but a hobbie. In my spare time I blog, stalk other blogs, make youtube styling videos, create DIY tutorials and sell my own customised clothes via ebay. I would say my go-to style is eclectic, highstreet trends mixed with vintage bargains found at bootsales and charity shops.
I believe that you don't have to splurge on designers to look fashionable. The highstreet caters to so many people and styles that you can find everything you need (or don't necessarily need if you're a shopaholic like me!). With new trends constantly emerging it makes no sense to spend countless pennies on something you wouldn't be seen dead in next season!
So that is why Look is what every girl needs..keeping their finger on the highstreet pulse!
*Why I think I am the right blogger for the job?*
I'm a highstreet girl at heart and Look is my number one magazine because it caters to my weekly need of inspiration. If I cant manage to get my hands on a copy every tuesday I can't function because I want to know whats between those pages!
*Why I want to blog from the front row?*
I've been to two of Looks' previous Fashion week shows and the experience from photobooths and beauty tips to the final catwalk show is something no fashionista wants to miss. So when I missed the last show in Feb, and then to find out Olivia Palermo my all time style idol was there too, I was distraught! I vowed never to miss another and hopefully this time I'll be in with the chance of sitting front row with the other highstreet lovers..blogging all the best bits up close :)
However if I am not so lucky, I shall see you all there anyway.. I'll be the one standing on my chair three rows back trying to have a good ol'bog!

Check out my youtube channel for more styling videos- www.youtube.com/VeeVeeVogue


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Peace not War




I feel ashamed to be British in times like these! These criminals are destroying our heritage and society. It is horrible to sit back and watch knowing you can not do anything about it. I feel heartbreak for the families and businesses destroyed by this selfish thieving and violence.

My love and thoughts go out to all the individuals affected by this devastating act! #londonriots

p.s I apologise that this post is a little more aggressive than usual, but I feel so strongly about this

Sunday, 7 August 2011



blog galaxy

SWEATER: Topshop MAXI DRESS: Topshop BAG: RiverIsland TRIBAL HEELS: RiverIsland NECKLACE: Miss Selfridge SNAKESKIN BELT: Vintage


RIGHT HAND: h&m and Forever21 LEFT HAND: h&m and bootsale

I spoke too soon yesterday.. The British weather has been so hit and miss today so I chucked this jumper on over a maxi dress so I could whip it off whenever the rain cleared and the sun came back out!

If you like the bush-on-head hair look, you'll love my mop today, I think I went a little OTT with the moose after my rollers failed on me.

I'm OBSESSED with nailart atm, recently I'v been sporting everything from dalmatian print to paint splashes, and neon aztec styles. But today I just updated my mint coat with aztec print on both ring fingers

If you know of any other interesting styles I could try please do link them below



Tangerine Dream


SHIRT: vintage bootsale 50p SHORTS: vintage bootsale £1 SNAKESKIN BELT: vintage bootsale £1 FLATS: COW vintage HEADSCARF: vintage bootsale 10p

Just a quick post of what I wore today, I'm glad England is finally having the summer we deserve! However, I'll probably be praying it cools down again by the time tuesday comes around and I have to go back into polluted, over-populated, humid London! (Am I painting a lovely image here?) I do love London really.. just with air-con and non-sweaty public transport!

I still can't get over the vintage bargains I bagged at a bootsale in Deal.. this whole outfit is under a fiver!

We like a bit of that :) Check out my www.youtube.com/VeeVeeVogue channel for more info and a chance to buy some bits via my ebay (link at top of page)


Friday, 5 August 2011



VEST: Topshop BANDEAU: Republic SHEER MIDI: Bootsale 10p BELT: Vintage CYCLING SHORTS: h&m HEELS: TkMaxx OVERSIZED CLUTCH: Bootsale 30p


I started my placement this week at a Highstreet fashion supplier in London's Oxford Circus. It gets stuffy in those office's so I have to work sweat-free clothes whilst still looking chic!

Today I went for as close to nekid as I could get in the scorching heat without offending, by pairing a sheer midi skirt with a loose crop top, of course covering my jiblets with cycling shorts and a bandeau.. let's not get too carried away now ;)

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