Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Catch up!!

TONS to fill you in on. firstly and most importantly I WON THE MISS SELFRIDGE/COMPANY HIGHSTREET EDIT STYLING COMP :D!!!!! Couldnt have got more excited that I've finally won something.
I went along to the London Head Office of Arcadia (heaven) and picked enough outfits to suit & boot me for a month before coming to my final two decisions. I had a wearable evening look and a more editorial edgy look. The shoot was great fun I didnt want it to end which sums up my longing for this career path.
They went for the evening look for the September issue so look out for me next month :)
heres a preview:

On other notes I have a holiday with the fella and LOOK Magazine fashionshow on the 17th to look forward too. Canne wait!

If you head to the shops this week: stop in Primark, its shoe bargain heaven over there atm with practically straight off the catwalk looks for pennies. Sneak peek=

Thursday, 29 July 2010

27.07.10 &hearts

Yesterday was my year anniversary with the boyf :) we took a nice trip to London to see the sights and I jumped out of my skin three times in London Dungeons and the other half bought two grusome photos that I am planning to burn! All in all it was a very memorable day.

I entered ANOTHER competition the other day, it's becoming quite an obsession of mine to find any way possible to break in to the industry before I go back to bucket loads of work at Uni. This time four lucky winners get to style a Miss Selfridge outfit for the new issue of Company highstreet Edit. Sooo..once again FINGERS CROSSED I WIN!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Cardigan: vintage. Trousers: BikBok. Top: Asos. Shoes: COW Vintage. Bag: Topshop. Belt: Vintage

I tried my hardest to ignore the sales this summer and save.. and I was so close until my mum had to return some items to Bluewater and it was downhill from there. And I was doing soo well..
But now I'm doing even better :)

Dress: Urban Outfitters SALE. Waistcoat: Vintage. Boots: Topshop. Socks: Primark. Bag: River Island SALE.

Tshirt: H&M. Maxi-Skirt: Primark. Sandals: H&M. Jewellery: Topshop/Vintage. Belt: Vintage. Bag: Topshop.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


post-botox and im just getting used to the new look of my blog. Fresh face, fresh start. I hope you like :)

Just a quick one- I entered the Freederm competition to win a day at LOOK Magazine, my all time favourite weekly fashion fix. So I beg you vote for me on this link:
I NEED this!!!!!!!!!!
But if that doesnt sway you to click then maybe the chance to win £50 worth of Topshop Vouchers will?! click click.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

It's been a while..

But the panic of my approaching deadlines are finally over and I can breeeath once again.. (and drop the ProPlus)
I achieved a 2:1 for my first year :) and with this sudden boost of knowledge I'm going to make the most of my coursework free summer and search out as many work placements as I can, whilst finding a part-time job to fund me through them. Best get started then.. I'll keep you updated this time!

It has also come to my attention that this blog has far too many words, and not nearly enough Fashion. And I dunno about you but I prefer looking at photos anyway!
So we are about to under-go a serious facelift people. ( I could well be talking to myself right now :| )

Monday, 5 April 2010

i A.m S.eriously O.bsessed with aS.os

I knew as soon as I clicked the link I would regret falling for my weekly fix of The new buys for s/s'10 are impossible to say 'No' to. I urge you to control your clothes curious minds and stay away.. AS IF you could..its too good to ignore! And if that doesnt already tempt you enough, the new cover (below) for the mag April issue, featuring Kaya Scodelario, is mind-blowingly beautiful from muse to attire. I want it all!!

I am greeeen with envy over this striking detailed shoulder jacket..Shame it's a one-off design exclusively for Kaya. gimme gimme gimme!!
And I am totally in-adoration with Zebra Lowe, the stylist to this mesmerizing shoot <3 Genius work! (I'll be praising her more in future posts)

Another item that caught my eye on Asos that's worth a mension if not more for a personal reason than 'must have'.. I fell in love with this 'River Pheonix' Alpha 60 tee(£55) mostly for the fact River's beautiful face graces the entire front of it and I have been fascinated by him ever since I watched the film 'Stand by me' as a child and thought I was going to marry him one day (minus the drug scandal of course), until he passed.. I'm pretty sure we would have lived happily ever after otherwise ;)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Fresh Talent

I don't know what happened to Olivia today but I'm still awaiting her Day3 look to translate. So in the meantime I thought I'd give you the low down on some of the new faces of fashion that have got everyone talking and me still distraught about my lack of earnings to be able to get my hands anywhere near these beauties.. Guess it's back to the drawing board on how to 'translate these new designs through highstreet' for me :| one day...


Originally a Menswear Designer, Guillaume Henry has created the first ready-to-wear womens collection for Carven. Usually focused on Couture, this new Spring theme comes from Henry's muse; a chic french teenager who wears clothes either too big or too small! His sexy, easy to wear garments can convert perfectly into any wardrobe and with Net-A-Porter selling it at reasonable designer prices theres no wonder its flying off the net'rails. Unfortunately it's still way out of my pennies price range!

Katie Gallagher

Her first spring/summer 2009 collection "Shroud" is inspired by drapery, which won round the tastebuds of many fashionista's. So there was a lot riding on her latest s/s'10 collection and you betcha she pulled it out the darkly futuristic and unique bag! Gallagher is definitely one il be keeping a firm fashion eye on.

Clare Tough

-I've been wondering for a while now how any of us are going to translate this underwear as outerwear trend since I first caught eyes on Marc Jacobs s/s'10 collection..I dont think any of us are ready to strut our stuff in a sheer corset..we'll leave that to the jodie Marsh's of the world. I thought I was just about ready to dare the hotpant, until I came across the designer Clare Tough who's Spring'10 collection has just the right amount of underwear for outerwear. However, it doesn't live up to her 'Tough' name as the beautiful garments are more soft, romantics than overly sexual, and teamed with her chunky cardigans, spiderweb knits, and structured separates.. it's a look I cannot wait to re-create for my own!

Phoebe Philo is back..for Celine and I am lusting over one of those leather tees like children will be to their easter eggs in the morning!
I will be hunting around for some highstreet adaptions of this and of course the Leather shorts.. my Spring wardrobe will not be complete without them!
Bare with me..


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Today I'm Wearing... (2nd April)


This is a much more laidback daytime look, perfect for a quick trip to the salon or to run some last minute shopping errands. Olivia still manages to glam up the converse by opting for a sequined, pink pair and teaming with leather. Genius!


My 'top' is also a dress but inplace of Olivia's Markus Lupfer, I have the bargain twin version from none other than la Sainsburys for as little as £12!! An adapted item in place of the embroidery is my Primark beaded neckpiece(£4). My Leather pants are Topshop SALE £15 instead of Olivias' by Daryl K. And although my Converse are not as glam as hers, I have opted for the classic Converse as many of us own a pair and they co-ordinate well with the stripe. My bag unfortunately is no Hermes Birkin, however this River Island patent tote is a gem at £25. And my treasured bracelet is Accessorize £6.

Today I'm Wearing...

My all time fav fashion icon and job envious (Elle Mag) Olivia Palermo is the new face of 's blog 'Today I'm Wearing...'. Which means YES! I get to follow her style day by day throughout April to see her trend takes for atm fashion.

So if you love her style as much as I do then here's your chance to copy/take inspiration for your own attire. I have decided to give you fans a daily adapted 'highstreet' version of Olivia's style picks.. because lets face it we're not all lucky enough to have her pay packet :( (yet!)
And although I may not be as beautiful as the brunette..I hope I can pull of the style.. Heeeeeeeere goes!! >>



In place of her Zara Jacket and Tibi belt, I wear a H&M Jacket(£20) and Zara Belt. I have adapted the style by swapping her Cos dress for a leather mini (NewLook £20). And instead of her Mulberry Alexa bag (LOVE) I carry a NewLook satchel(£18) and I am wearing Topshop wedged boots (£40) to complete the utility look.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Competitive Industry

It is the month of competitions! Maybe there is finally one good outcome to the downfall in the economic market from last year, because top Companys are just giving stuff away these days, yes FREE STUFF, everyone tune back in!!
Or maybe it is the retail that got hit the hardest because many top names in our Fashion memos are finding more resourceful ways of recruiting talent, making this a win win situation for whatever side you take..because lets face it none of us are going to say no to FREE, whether you need it or not!

You dont have to be no giraffe Giselle to walk this walk..
<3 Benetton were hosting a modelling competition "ITS:MY:TIME", where thousands of applicants entered to be voted by the public and other aspiring models to become one of twenty new faces of the benetton campaign to be held in NewYork.
Best bit: its not your typical long legged beauty search..the weirder you are personality wise, the better- so let your inner child out and express yourSELF to the nation!

<3 H&M have been searching for a fresh inspiration behind their new 'The Blues#' denim collection. Many fashionistas from your go-to online street style guide '' have already submitted their style of combining anything blue from H&M. If you think you've got Blues Clue'd up then make your mark..

<3 My all time favourite magazine ELLE have launched the ULTIMATE competition at the beginning of March. (*deep breath*) They are on the look out for the NEXT TOP STYLIST with their 'Shop Girl to Stylist' comp...and you guessed a shop girl.. I am an aspiring stylist.. I HAVE to have this!!
If you think you've got what it takes to style the nation then get your glad rags on, photograph your own style or photoshoot another, once youve uploaded your image to the website- the voting begins. And the top 25 finalists go through to be judged by the panel of Expert Elle Fashion Know All's (as I like to refer to them as :). Once luckyluckylucky (I cannot enthersize this enough) winner (MEEEEEEEE??!!) will get the opportunity to help style a shoot for the September issue and then go on to work as an Intern at you guessed it, The Fashion Bible 'ELLE'. (DREAM JOB)
Beat me to it and get yours in pronto..I'm on the case already :)

<3 Last but not least I thought I'd add a local, more personal opportunity for anyone who is a creative intersting in bag designs or any form of drawing/illustration, as J Model Management in Birmingham are on the search for a design to grace the front of their goodie bags to go out to all guests at the J Fashion Show event from 26th-29th May.
follow the link to find out more

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fuel Shortage

It's taken me a while but finally I have created a place to voice my fashion opinions, because quite frankly I think my boyfriends sick of listening to me! So if you don't enjoy your daily dose of vitamin F tune out now..

If your wondering "why Afluenza?" then I've taken the time to C&P this wikipedia definition:
affluenza, n. a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more. (de Graaf [1])
affluenza, n. 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to
keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by the pursuit of the American Dream. 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth.
..but hey we all know we shouldn't believe everything wikipedia says, so lets go with the more sane urban definition of-
afluenza - 1 definition - getting addicted to shopping. Buying stuff you already have.

The low-down on me? I fell victim to the fashion bug after years of following my mother around Selfridges, Harvey Nic's and Harrods from a young age. It became the norm to me to go shopping and want what you know you don't need, even if you can't afford it, you can never have too many shoes surely?'s not like we're primates! Therefore I grew up with this aphorism as part of my daily routine. I don't like to say it controls me, however I am a tad obsessed and have low will power when it comes to clothes, which is why I tend to steer clear of any retailers when my bank balance has hit bottom (hence the fuel shortage atm).

I am currently studying Fashion at Coventry University. I dreamt of the day I'd no longer have to do 'work' for school and could actually indulge in what I love to do five times a week instead of what I 'had' to do. I could have chosen a well-paid job to go into..but wheres the fun in that? This way I get to mix work with pleasure and fuel my addiction on a daily basis. Win win!

I hope to graduate and go on to become a top Stylist, and it would be the icing on the cake if I landed a job for Elle magazine. Natalie Wansbrough-Jones here I come!

My favourite designer has to be Matthew Williamson, and my fixation with him only grew more when I got the chance to work at the Saatchi Gallery in London on the launch of his H&M line..there is nothing more exciting than a first sneak peek..I was talking about it for weeks after! (ahem still am). Another favourite designer of mine heading towards the more artistic culture of fashion, is the late Alexander Mcqueen, who I'm sure was a favourite among most. Even though I never knew the legend I believe a part of us inside all fashion aspirers died a little bit with him when we heard the news. He was one of the greats, if not the best! And his final collection of the wild elements was genius. It's going to take someone exceptional to follow in his footsteps, so hurry up whoever you are so I have something amazing to blog about :)

Anyway, for the few of you who have actually taken the time away from your online shopping splurge and trend gazing to read my babble of an introduction, I thank you, but seriously get back to it, because no-one wants to miss out on that last pair of size 6 'Surface to Air' multi-buckle wedge lookalikes...i.e me last night! :(

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